Call Of Duty (COD) Gaming Chair With Adjustable 4D Armrest & Metal Base - Green/Black

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Key Features:

  • ARMREST: 2D ARMREST (Up and down/twist)
  • MECHANISM: Butterfly Mechanism
  • ANGLE ADJUSTER: 90-180degree

Ergonomic Design

By promoting a comfortable seated position, it helps to reduce strain on the body, such as on the lower back and shoulders, which is especially important during extended gaming or work sessions.

High-Quality Material

This material not only adds durability but also provides a luxurious feel. The detailed embroidery adds to its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the PU leather is stain-resistant and easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze even after prolonged use.

Reinforced Base

The base of the chair is designed to be sturdy and durable, capable of supporting weights. This stability is further enhanced by the 360° swivel feature, which allows for easy movement without compromising on stability.

Customizable Comfort

The chair offers customizable features such as 2D adjustable armrests and seat height adjustment. This allows users to tailor the chair to their specific preferences and body dimensions, providing personalized support for maximum comfort during long periods of sitting.

Versatile Reclining

One of the standout features of the chair is its ability to recline up to 180° and lock at any angle. This versatility allows users to find their perfect reclined position for relaxation, whether it's after a marathon gaming session or during late-night study sessions.

Adaptable Gas Lift

Unleash your gaming potential with our cutting-edge gaming chair! 🎮 Experience unparalleled comfort and support with our adaptable gas lift, Class 4 certified with an 80mm range. Elevate your gameplay to new heights

General Specs

ARMREST : 2D ARMREST (Up and down/twist)
MECHANISM : Butterfly Mechanism
ANGLE ADJUSTER : 90-180degree
BASE: 350mm nylon base
CASTERS : 60mm PU casters
Product Size : 70*55*135cm
NW Weight: 19.1 KG
GW Weight : 23.2 KG
Packaging Size (mm, W x H x D) : 83*58*29CM